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How To Find Motivation To Do Your Art History Homework

There is a fair amount of memorizing to do in your art history class. You also need to have a good grasp of the style of some famous and not so famous artists so you can analyze their works and give an educated interpretation about what they were trying to portray. There are more things you must know. Does your art history homework seem overwhelming at times? What can you do to motivate yourself?

How to Grow Your Own Motivation

Use something to take notes. It doesn’t matter if it’s paper or electronic. Write down all the reasons why it would benefit you to have your homework done on a regular basis and always handed in on time. How will it make you feel? How much stress will it eliminate in your life? How will it affect you academically? Write down all the details. Seeing your answers will give you reasons to become inwardly motivated to do this.

Make a Plan and Stick to the Plan

To do this part you will need a weekly and daily planner. You can use an electronic or paper schedule for this purpose. For large projects due on certain dates, you can use a wall calendar that you look at each time you walk past it. For daily routines, use a planner you can easily carry around with you. Sit down and fit all your weekly needs into the schedule. Your class time, work time, sleep and eating time, and homework time.

Look at your art history syllabus and find out when all the exams and projects are due. Write those into your schedule. Make an estimate of how long you need to do homework projects and how often they are assigned. Once this gets placed into the schedule, you will know every day what you should be doing with your time. This helps you to avoid wasting any of the time with mindless things that have no meaning and don’t contribute to your success.

Feel Good About Your Accomplishments

Each little thing you motivate yourself to do, and are successful in completing it, deserves a reward. Make sure you feel good and congratulate yourself for working hard and developing the motivation to get your school work done each day. You will feel a huge burden lifted and will really enjoy the feeling of knowing your assignments are always handed in on time.


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