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Why Homework Should Be Banned And What To Do Until It Happens

There is a great debate in the world of education today and fortunately for students that debate is all about the merits or lack-there-of with homework. This debate has been dividing school districts for the past few years and it is getting teachers and adminstrators to really talk about the value of homework. In most cases, students are winning the battle and homework is being removed from many schools.

Too Easy to Cheat on Homework

Homework should no longer be permitted in schools because there is no way that instructors can tell if homework is actually being done by students. There are countless websites available for students so they can hire someone to do their work or they can find the answers they need. Because students can find ways to avoid doing their work; but still turning it in for credit, students are no longer doing any learning at home. This means that teachers usually have to use extra classtime to explain concepts that could have been practiced at home.

No Help Available Outside of the School Day

When students have homework, they usually cannot ask their teachers or their parents for help. More teachers are choosing to give their students time in class to complete their work so teachers can help in a controlled environment. With the challenging homework that students receive, their parents are usually not abile to provide any kind of help. This means that students are left on their own to figure out challenging assignments, which is why they prefer to hire someone to get the work done.

Get Homework Banned in Your School

So, what can students do to get homework banned at their schools? The first thing they can do is stop doing their homework. When they do this, teachers will begin to stop assigning it because they see the futility of it. The second thing that students should do is talk to their school’s administration. Before meeting with them, they should look into the research about both sides of the homework argument aand prepare a fact-based argument. Administration will appreciate looking at a solid argument. There are plenty of books and journal articles about homework and how it does not help. It can also be helpful to get a few teachers on your side so you have adult voices that support your ideas. You will surprised how far a little research and some serious conversation can take an idea.


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