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How an Online Homework Help Tutor Can Assist You

An online tutor can offer more support than just assisting you with your homework:

  • An online tutor can support you by acting as an independent advisor. As they are not your class tutor they can see beyond the immediate confines of the curriculum. You should be able to draw on their expertise and experience and use it to better your academic work.
  • They can offer you hints, suggestions and pointers. An online tutor should not be answering your questions and doing your work for you, they should be offering you hints ad tips to enable you to complete your work. They should challenge your ideas and work, so you are able to provide either a verbal or written explanation. The chances are if your online tutor is challenging you then your class tutor will do the same when they read your work.
  • They can help enhance you classroom learning. Your online tutor should be able to offer ideas that provide an extension of ideas that you learned in class, this will help you develop you research skills as well as enriching your information base about subjects related to your classroom learning.
  • Provide you with individual support. If you are experiencing difficulty in your learning skills your online tutor should be able to offer some ideas to help you. This is especially true of subjects like math where students usually benefit from additional help, or they may be able to help you plan your written work providing you with a standard outline for essay writing.
  • Make suggestions for further reading. As well as providing you with hints and tips for your immediate project they may also be able to guide you with ideas for any future projects basing their advice on your interests and abilities.
  • An online tutor will realize that you will need support outside of usual academic hours. Your online tutor should be able to provide you with an answer to your queries within a given time of a few hours not a few days. They will also have access to other tutors with is especially useful if the project you are working on is across more than one field of study.

Before hiring an online tutor, make sure what support and advice they are prepared to give as well as a rough estimate of their turn around time when you ask a question or need advice.


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