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Looking For Effective Free Homework Help: Chemistry Made Simple

Whatever kind of problem you have with your chemistry homework, you can find effective help online. Select the type of homework help resource according to what exactly you need to do.

  • Balance chemical equations/calculate values.
  • Use an online calculator for chemistry – they are easily found with the help of any search engine. To make your search more effective, look for a program specially designed for the task you need to solve, e. g. atomic mass or Boyle’s Law calculator. Next, you will need to input your data, press “Enter,” and copy the ready answer. The only problem is that calculators do not provide verbal explanations of the solution, so you would need to write them on your own.

  • Better understand a particular concept.
  • Start with looking for free chemistry lecture notes or study guides on your topic. These online materials are written by professionals to help students who have a trouble understanding these concepts explained in class. If you are a visual type learner, look for chemistry video lessons – they are a great way to see most common reactions and processes in action. Every demonstration is accompanied by explanations of what is going on and why.

    If explanatory materials did not help and you still feel confused, look for a free online tutor. There are many websites specialized in chemistry tutorship, with their services either completely free of charge or with free trial sessions available. Read terms of use carefully to make sure you can use a free living chat with a tutor here.

  • Do a simple experiment at home.
  • Use a virtual chemistry lab. These free online tools provide you with a virtual environment where you can do any experiment, or watch it being done. Unlike experiments you actually do at home, the risk of failure here is minimal. If anything goes wrong, you can try again under the same starting conditions – and no mess left.

  • Get a specific task solved.
  • Try to Google an exact phrase from your assignment. This problem might have already been uploaded to the Web and solved by a voluntary helper, especially if it is from a commonly used textbook. Cross-check solutions on several websites as there is no guarantee that the first answer you discover is correct.

    If there seems to be no ready solution, an online tutor can help you. However, do not expect him or her to tell you the answer. A good tutor would rather explain the task to you so that you can solve it on your own.


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