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Where To Check Your Grammar, Spelling And Punctuation For Free

There, you have just finished your paper. The hard part is over, now you just need to finish up. Except, it is not so easy. Editing and proofreading your document is almost as important as actually writing it.


Because, a silly grammar or punctuation mistake can change the meaning of a sentence and by extension, your whole paper. Your paper is just as likely to be marked down because of irritating grammar mistakes as it is with just being plain wrong.

So, where do you get free checking of your grammar, spelling and punctuation? In other words, where do you get your paper edited and proofread for free? Here is how:

  1. Ask a friend to do it
  2. Which of your friends, neighbors, siblings or parents have a good eye for grammar or spelling, or English as a whole? Corner that person and ask them to help you by proofreading your work. Most people will be glad to help. Once they have proofread it, revise and improve your paper according to their good suggestions.

  3. Rely on your Office software
  4. The software that you have typed your paper in, if it is up to date, probably has an advanced spellchecker and grammar bot. Software suits like MS Office or just MS Word and its ilk are very good are catching spelling mistakes, punctuation omissions or fragmented sentences. They are not as good as a knowledgeable human but they do a fine enough job. You can also track any changes you have made as well as insert comments to keep track of what you are doing. If you already have this facility available, why not use it?

  5. Use online checkers
  6. Use this utility with caution. The free ones usually are not that good and will leave out quite a few mistakes. The really good ones are usually accessible through paid subscriptions and are well worth the money. However, since we are looking for ways to get free proofreading done, these are probably not for us. Do keep in mind that some of the subscription based services do offer a free trial for a limited time so you can utilize that for a one off essay.

  7. Do it yourself
  8. In terms of getting stuff for free, here is a revolutionary idea! Do it yourself! This is one idea that cannot be beaten for price. Just take a break, read a few tutorials on editing and proofreading and off you go. Use a dictionary and the thesaurus on your office software. You will soon find mistakes you can fix yourself. Happy proofreading!


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