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10 Interesting Spelling Homework Ideas For Kindergarten

For children to learn they will have to be engaged and regardless or whether or not they want to learn, their mind is in a heightened state of awareness that always understands the environment and the things they live with. Homework for children often has a few effects and teaching them to spell and read does has its advantages for their own future. There are tons of ways to do make this somewhat exciting for them and these are a few ways.

  • Play dough Words
  • Piper Cleaner Words
  • Branch Words
  • Yarn words
  • Paint the word
  • Finger Paint
  • Stamp it
  • Reverse chalk
  • Type
  • Rainbow

Play dough words or grabbing some play dough and forming the words into the ones that are being learned. This basically engages the mind and frontal lobe to focus on the word and associate different things with it as the exercise is built

Pipe cleaner words do a similar thing and is designed to engage the focus and teach the word as they look directly at it and form it in their minds

Branch words are an exercise that will have people in nature and appreciating the surroundings for their own learning. This means that they can collect things to learn to spell.

Yarn words is grabbing a spool of yarn and molding the yarn into the shape the child sees in their own mind about the spelling, corrections can be a bit tough though.

Paint the words offers a canvas and a paintbrush to introduce some painting and some spelling in the same neuron. This means that each child will be able to express their own image of the word itself.

Finger Paint is similar to the painting except done with fingers. On a table or platform with washable paint, so there aren't any lasting stains on any of the furniture.

Stamp it involves making a student put into a sealing device the proper spelling of anything that the student wants and then stamping it onto a piece of paper for corrections.

Reverse Chalk is writing the word backward on a chalkboard this will engage the mid-brain and implant the word so it won't be forgotten.

Type the word in a laptop so the child can learn computers as well as spelling at the same time and familiarize themselves with the possibility too.

Rainbow words are basically applying different color words for each letter making it different but also has the student thinking about it and observing that color as well.  


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